In Spring, Life is renewed again, Reborn.

“Spring is the season of birth. In the gust of her birth waters, the spring floods, the Great Earth Mother brings forth new life again. Summer, the warm season, is the time of growth and increase. Winter is the ‘little death’. In spring, life is renewed again, reborn.”

It’s funny how on the internet, people only broadcast the positive aspects of their lives, where as in real life, people seemingly never stop complaining.

In the last (almost) year, My life has gone through extreme radical change. I started this blog to “find my way” to where I wanted to be in life. Somehow, as if by magic, I have ended up exactly where I wanted to be.  My life isn’t perfect by any means. I still struggle with the most basic of “keeping your $#@ together” life skills. I’m a bad driver, I’m always late, and most of my clothes are too worn out and should be thrown away.

However, I wake up every morning in the midst of a fairy land, with three happy children and a wonderful man. One year ago, I never thought I’d get here, and now, Just by virtue of being myself, I’ve arrived.


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About Jessica

I'm just a girl, trying to grow closer to who I want to be. I'm a mother, a dreamer, and hopefully someday, a farmer.
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